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Back on March 1, I published the tale of how my brother Randy came to leave the Orange County Register after more than a quarter-century of covering sports and writing columns there. Partly, I suspect, because there was no official information on his disappearance from the columns of the paper, within hours “Sliding away” became the most-read item in the 18-year history of this Web site. Since then — in the grand tradition of the long tail — my analytics tell me that at least a couple more people find their way here as the result of a Google search nearly every day.

Randy Youngman

The younger Youngman

Today it occurred to me that I should look at it a little more rigorously, then provide an up-to-date answer to the question, “Where is Randy Youngman?” (while noting that, last week, it was a pretty easy question for me to answer: he was staying in my house on a trip to Chicago for his North Park University class reunion).

Everyone loves a graph, right? So here is a look at the most popular searches on “The next miracle” since March 1. The pie chart represents slightly fewer than 1,000 searches, a healthy subset of the total.

Well, I guess I should feel good that I did manage to sneak in there somehow…

As to where he’s hanging his hat these days, the answer is California Golf News and Facebook. In addition to blogging regularly at calgolfnews.com (here’s a partial archive), he has resurrected one of his column’s most popular features, in which he, self-styled as the So-Called Expert, picks the outcome of the week’s pro football games against a “guest prognosticator” — which is to say a reader. In addition, it’s a contest, in case you’d like to try to win some golf balls (and more.) Here are his Week 7 picks.

This won’t be the sum and substance of his professional endeavors, so you may need to come back here once in a while to make sure you’re not missing any news. In the meantime, thanks for visiting. Let’s see how quickly this SEO-tailored post shoots to the top of a Google or Bing search, shall we?


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