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Knight Professor of Digital Media Strategy, Medill / Northwestern

Owen YoungmanOwen YoungmanOwen Youngman

Students offer 5 ideas for marrying journalism, technology (Poynter)

This semester, Medill’s Spring New Media Publishing Project offers journalism students an opportunity to design and build those new tools, working side-by-side with computer science faculty and students. Five teams are researching, designing, building and testing new information-driven applications. In the process, the journalism and computer science students are forging a common language and are starting to understand one another’s cultures.

via Poynter Online – Students Offer Five New Ideas for Marrying Journalism and Technology.

What Northwestern’s Jeremy Gilbert writes about here is very promising stuff indeed.  I have parachuted in a couple of times – once to do a brief presentation to the Medillians about successful collaboration with technologists, and just this week to begin helping with the project presentations that will climax the quarter. 

Much remains to be seen and done, but you are invited to stay up with the students’ work in progress on the class blog,

Bankruptcies, Closures Plague Industry (

Along with Northwestern colleague Mike Smith, I chatted with a Voice of America reporter recently about the newspaper industry’s path through its current thicket.


In March, the Chicago Sun Times newspaper filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. It was the latest in a series of newspaper bankruptcies and closures across the United States. As VOA’s Kane Farabaugh reports, the recent troubles come as new and emerging digital technologies are putting the future of news print, once revered and unassailable, in question.

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Should newspapers fear their online shadows?

September, 2003:  Chapter 417 of the cannibalization discussion, this time in a “brown bag” at Medill.

“It’s not just about the content,” Youngman said. “It’s about the relationship with the reader and what we do with it. I don’t see the newspaper going away, but I have a very broad definition of a newspaper.”

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