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Knight Professor of Digital Media Strategy, Medill / Northwestern

Owen YoungmanOwen YoungmanOwen Youngman

How I discovered my ‘voice’

Ashtabula Star-Beacon, April 28, 2005
Fourth in a Series: “Star-Beacon Old School”

My guidance counselor gave me a chore, my statistics-keeping got me a chance, but ultimately my voice provided me a lot of the stories.

No, not “voice” as in writing style.  “Voice” as in speaking voice.  Eventually, I think I developed the former, but while I was working for the Star-Beacon sports department from 1969 to 1971, it was the latter that came in handy.  In fact, it let me stop delivering the paper and begin writing for it.

More on that later, because dwelling on that part of the story would put me at risk of using the dreaded “vertical pronoun” way too much at the top of this little reminiscence. Why, there are three “I’s” in the previous paragraph alone!  Better instead to remember that there were giants in those days, as the Star-Beacon sports department of the 1970s served as a launching pad for a remarkable number of journalism careers. Continue reading