How we all got digital
50 Chicago Tribune and Tribune Company digerati gathered on March 14, 2006, at the Arts Club of Chicago to mark the 10th anniversary of the launch of as a full-service digital expression of the newspaper. Randy Belice’s photos capture the event.
A big day
Beginning to gather
It was a serious business.
What were we thinking?
Three amigos
They showed us the money
The editors
The design gurus
Welcome to the future
Fashion statement
It was like this:
Virtually perfect
CareerFinder capers
Chicago Tribune Online, now and forever
There were giants in those days
Would you look at that?
Call to order
Agenda review
The Quantum mechanics
How did he do it?
Worth another look
Who’ll stand up next?
...why, pretty much everyone
The visionary
Supply your own clever headline
There were servers in those days
On the binary beat
What, no focus group photos?
Much to remember...
...virtually nothing to forget
Two presidents
Also two presidents
Ginger was there
The overall scene
Musical mastery
Masterly music
Taking a bow
Closing remarks
Closing applause
The Youngmans
Ed Wolf
They won’t stop thinking about tomorrow
K.C. Walsh
We called her Cornella
Hey, retirement is pretty good!
About that pocket square:
Still at the forefront
Catching up
Anecdotes for all occasions
Dave Williams
No more “virtual” jokes, sorry
Stay the same. Never change.
Technology is their friend
Until next time
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